There is a disgusting trend that many of us cheat on our
romantic partners and have the guts to boast about it.

Cheating is anemotionally draining activity that fails to provide any joy that lasts.Cheating turns a happy and healthy family into a dysfunctional one. Cheating isone of the main ways to contract and spread HIV. It also causes conflict thatoften results in domestic violence and divorce.

Some men are leaving their children’s mothers to startnew relationships elsewhere. Cheating on your partner means you are a pretenderwho no longer values the love that brought you together. You start to compareyour partner with your secret lover.

Our relationships go smoothly until one partner decidesto bring a third party between us. Although you can fool your partner intobelieving you are faithful, you certainly cannot fool your emotions.

To achieve lasting joy we need to show our love andrespect for our partners by simply being faithful. That will benefit us and ourchildren. Kids remain at peace and grow well when they have the assurance thattheir parents love each other.

So let’s become a good influence to other people and theyoung ones by sticking to one partner.


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