It can be pretty frustrating when you look forward to a fulfilling and satisfying s*xual experience, only for things to ‘finish’ before they’ve even begun.

Having s*x with a man who can’t keep it up more than a few seconds, or who c@ms within moment of p3netration can leave you feeling flat. So, what to you do to make sure you are also getting yours in the bedroom?

1. Don’t ignore the elephant:

The elephant in the room, that is. Whether this is an out-of-the-blue occurrence, or you have been dealing with this for a while, do make sure you talk to your partner about it. However, do not bring this up in the bedroom. Find a neutral ground and discuss openly. Let him know you enjoy making love to him and it is because you enjoy it that you feel a bit down when he finishes before you. If he is willing to communicate, he might be able to pinpoint a root cause so you can both find a solution.

2. Slow down:

Men who c#m too early are not big fans of qu!ck!es. The excitement and thrill might be too much for them to contain. What works? Slow down.

3. Choose positions wisely:

S*x pos!tions where women do more of the work are usually great for men with the quick dr@w. Go with C0wgirl, Reverse C0wgirl, or any pos!tion where you are in charge.

4. Use c0nd0ms:

This may not work for all men, but a lot of men do say using c0nd0ms desensitizes them to some extent.

5. Avoid overstimulating:

S*x feels so much hotter when you stimulate as much body parts as possible, but for a man who cannot keep it in, the less stimulant, the better. If you usually tease him by playing with his n!pples or other erogenous zones during s*x, maybe you should cut back.

Give him a chance to fo6. Get him to tone down masturbation/Porn:cus on just penetration and see where that leads you.

6. Get him to tone down masturbation/Porn:

If your man is into extreme m@sturbation or porn0graphy, it is time to get him to stop. Studies have shown that men who watch too much p0rn find it difficult to keep things under control.

7. Ladies first:

If you have tried all of the above and its not helping, then it’s time for him to put you first. Get a vibr@tor or whatever you are into, have him focus on making you c@m before penetration actually begins. He could perform oral on you, use his hands or use the toys. Focusing on your pleasure can keep him from getting too hot.

If you’re lucky, you can even org@sm before the real show begins. This will make you feel less disappointed. Besides, the fact that he has gotten you off will make him feel less pressured, so he can relax enough and actually last longer.


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